Witch Planet! Picaresque

Or the Most Absvrd yet Absolvtely Accvrate and Trve Erotick Adventvres of the Earth Hvman Temple Mews vpon her Inexplicable Arrival on Evterpe, the Planet of Magickally Orgasmick Witches

No. 1

The Hungry Jungle

In which, the Earth human Temple Mews is transported to a strange planet and is reluctantly befriended by a suspicious woodsman renowned for his lovecrafting skills.

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No. 2

The Lion, the Witch, and the Woodsman

In which, Temple Mews undertakes her first orgy at Baba Yaga’s Tavern at the Crossroads and Enchanted Broomstick Bruce is lured into a mantrap by the two venerable crones Gentle Ginger and Rough Annie.

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Enter Book No. 2 The Lion, the Witch, and the Woodsman now.

No. 3

The Boots at the Center of the Universe

In which, Self-immolating Eamarru explains herself, Enchanted Broomstick Bruce learns the consequences of conjuring two thousand-year orgasms, Feargus the furry courier is puzzled by a rooster riddle, and Temple is intrigued by a tale of transdimensional boots and a Trial by Desire.

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No. 4

Famous Lucia’s Festive Fur Ball

In which, Famous Lucia’s annual fashion event is infested with flying baby-men, Eamarru Sowthunder makes a grand entrance, and Temple undertakes the Trial by Desire in order to learn the true origin of the boots at the center of the universe.

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